Chamberlain was born in North Carolina in 1985. Coming from a musical background where his Mom did recordings and songs, from the start Chamberlin had a desire to make music. He came up with the name Chamberlain from the great entertainer/NBA player Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain feels as if he can become someone great and be mentioned in the same category as those who are consider great musical entertainers. Chamberlain has recently signed with the up and coming record label Front Page Ent. He is currently living in Atlanta, Ga, you can catch him at their local open mic events throughout the city performing his first single “Cover Girl”.
Team Front Page
A Different Breed has been established. Strapped with attitude, lyrics, Swag & a team of Heavy Hitters, Charli Brown emerges from the Depths of North Carolina's own "Johnston County."
 Finaly getting back to music meaning something instead of just peicing endless punch lines together and calling it music.
 Spreading thru many genres of music, showing how versatile he truly is, Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Songwriter Charli Brown is catching the eyes of many... Many who thought they would never even consider listening to "Hip Hop," to be exact. Hip-Hop is coming back!!!

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Yung Done speaks from the street and his most favorite thing to do is smoke fruits in the land of swisha! This artist is local to Rocky Mount, NC a.k.a Murda Mount a.k.a Roc City. He is another weapon in Front Page Ent's arsenal. This artist is hungry for success and there is no stopping him!

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